2022 4 Seat Commander 1000

Has Half Windshield 
$485 per day + tax

​​2022 2 Seat Commander 1000 

Has Half Windshield 

$450.00 per day + tax


2021 2 seat Maverick Sport 1000 

Has Full Windshield, Hard Cover Top 

$425 per day + tax

2021 6 seat Defender 800 

w/ Power Steering
Has Full Windshield, Hard Cover Top, and Mesh Doors 

$399 per day + tax

Lake Gogebic SxS Rental 

Side by Side Rental Policy
A $150 deposit per machine is required at the time of making the reservation. (valid credit card only)

For cancellations we require a 7 day notice to receive a refund. Refunds for cancellations due to unsafe weather conditions or any other reason are at OWNERS DISCRETION.

Late returns will be charged a $50 late fee for every hour late per unit. If you will not be returning the side by sides by 7pm / (6pm Sun) on the final day you must call the motel to avoid late fee (at owners discretion).

All units are required to return with a full tank of gas. If machine is not returned with a full tank you will be charged a $15 fueling fee plus the amount of fuel it took to fill the machine. 

Lessee must have a valid drivers license and credit card. Renters must be at least 23 years of age or older. 

Renters understand that they are 100% responsible for the care of the machine from the time they take the machine to the time they return the machine. In the event that the machine is damaged the renter is responsible to pay for damaged parts and labor. 

Machines that are returned with an above expectancy of mud and dirt you will be charged a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee will be at OWNER DISCRETION. Cleaning fee will very on the amount of time it takes to clean the Machine so it is presentable for next renters. $75 every 30 mins. 

Thank you 

Rental Times 

Monday- Sunday 9am- 7pm EST

Our Rentals 

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306 Maple St.

Bergland MI